How do I turn game sounds on or off?

While playing a game, press the Android back button or pause the game. This will bring up the game menu. Toward the bottom you will see a toggle to turn the sound on or off.

Game sounds are also tied to the system media volume. Turning that up or down should also affect in game sounds.

What happened to my percentile data?

Setting a different age range will reset all percentile data for a player.

Percentile data is unique, in that it measures your performance against others in the same age group. Changing your age group will put you in a new percentile range and reset your data.

How do the leaderboards work?

Leaderboards are shared between all players within your account.

What is "Avg Acc" or "ACC"?

"Avg Acc" or "ACC" is the current players averaged accuracy over the last three games played. This metric can be found within the game preview cards on the training and game listing pages.

What is a percentile?

This metric represents how well you score compared to other people in your age range.

Selecting a different age range for a player will reset all tracked percentile metric data.

How does the "auto" game difficulty work?

All games have three different difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. If a player has selected "auto" then all game difficulties will scale up or down based on the current game performance.

The higher the difficulty level, the more points you can get for correct answers. If you are shooting for a high score, it behooves you to play at the highest difficulty level.

This setting can be changed within a player’s profile, before a game starts or when a game is paused.

Brainia Coins

What are coins used for?

Brainia coins are for non-premium accounts. They are used to play games not included with the daily free training games.

Are coins transferable?

Coins are unique to each device. This was one of the unfortunate ramifications of removing the login system.

When are coins consumed?

Coins are consumed when a game begins.

How can I get more coins?

Coins can be acquired through in app purchases. You may also watch a rewarded ad to earn additional coins.

I just made a purchase but did not receive my coins!

Shut the app down completely and reopen. If that did not work, please contact us: support@firstcenturythinking.com

Promo Codes

How do I apply a promotion code?

Navigate to the Brainia Games Shop page within the Brainia App. Toward the bottom of the page, click on "Redeem Code".

Where can I find promotion codes?

Keep an eye out for them within the Google Play store listing for Brainia and also on the main website: https://www.brainiagames.com/

As a special bonus for checking out the FAQ, you may use this promo code for 5 free Brainia Tokens: FAQSecret

What are the terms and conditions for promotion codes?

The following conditions apply to all Brainia Promotional Codes:

  • Must be redeemed within the Brainia app and are only redeemable for Brainia Coins.
  • May be subject to additional terms and conditions.
  • Cannot be used to purchase other Promo Codes.
  • Must be redeemed within the validity period.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • Only one (1) promo code may be redeemed per install per promotion.
  • Promo codes may be expired or revoked at any time.
  • Cannot be resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to any other Brainia install, except where required by law. Unused Promo Codes in an Brainia app may not be transferred.

Account Management

What happened to the login page?

After weighing the pros/cons of the Brainia membership system, we felt Brainia would be much more enjoyable without it. Our goal is to make it easier for people to get in and start brain training. Who wants to remember another username and password?

If I sign up for a premium account, does that transfer to a new device?

Yes! As long as you are logged in under the same Google account, your premium subscription will transfer to new devices.

What does not transfer are Player accounts and Score data. You can manually transfer this data using the Import/Export tools within the Settings.

What do I get with a Brainia subscription?

Premium accounts have access to the following:

  • Unlimited Access to All Games
  • Extended Training Games (up to 10)
  • Performance & Percentiles Charts
  • Additional Player Profiles
  • No Ads
  • Unlock Free Play

How do I cancel my paid Brainia subscription?

Your subscription is handled through Google Play and will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period. You may cancel or manage your subscription at any time through your Google Play account. Please note that uninstalling Brainia will not cancel your subscription.

What is your Payment Policy?

Brainia is available for free through Google Play with some games and features restricted. You can purchase a subscription through Google Play, which will unlock all games and features. Purchases made through Google Play are subject to the terms of service of Google Play.

Refunds are given within 48 hours of payment.

Brainia accepts no responsibility for losses incurred through automatically renewing subscriptions.

Subscriptions renew automatically at end of subscription term. Visit Google Play to manage your Brainia subscription.

Privacy Policy

We respect our customers, clients and partners. We vow to take every step to keep your data (email address, etc.) safe and never to misuse it.

If you set up an account with us, we collect your email address, password, age, and scoring data from the games you play. This information is collected primarily to retain your data in case you login with a new or different device.

What we won't do:
We won't ever sell your personal information to anyone else.
We won't spam you. On occasion, we may send emails to you to inform you of product updates or other offerings.
We won't divulge your information to anyone you haven't explicitly given us permission to do so.

What we will do with your data:
Aggregate anonymous information about how you use Brainia.
Gather information about what games are played and not played.
Gather information on how this app performs so we can make sure our platform runs smoothly for you.

Updated 05/14/2017


Brainia is intended to be brain challenging entertainment. No research has yet been conducted to determine if this app has cognitive benefits.

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